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  • What should I look for when looking for an auto repair professional to service my Mercedes vehicle?
    The most important thing to look for is proper certification and experience. I have more than 23 years experience as a certified factory trained Master Mercedes Technician and have the latest computerized diagnostic equipment to service your Mercedes vehicle.

  • I am planning to buy a used Mercedes and need someone to check the car out. Can you help?
    Yes. I have the latest computerized diagnostic equipment to evaluate your Mercedes vehicle and diagnosis any potential problems.

  • How important is routine Preventive Maintenance on your vehicle?
    Preventive Maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures. The primary goal of preventive maintenance is to help prolong the life of the vehicle and reduce vehicle failures therefore providing a worry free driving experience. The key to keeping vehicles running well today and down the road, is routine preventive maintenance. Many drivers tend to stall when it comes to keeping up with some everyday automotive basics.

  • How often should I change my oil?
    You should always follow manufacturer’s guidelines. Generally, engine Oil should be changed every 5000-7500 miles on vehicles 1997 and older that use non-synthetic oil. For 1998 and newer vehicles that get Mobil 1 synthetic we recommend a 6 month inspection or 10,000 miles, which ever comes first.

  • Are you fully licensed and insured?
    Yes I am a factory trained master certified diagnostic technician. I am fully insured.

  • Do you work on leased cars and cars with warranties?
    I can perform any sheduled maintenance on new cars under factory warranty.

  • Can you work at my home or office?
    Yes I can come to your house or place of business. I have access to a shop for more involved repairs.

  • Do you provide loaner cars?
    I don’t provide loaners. But I can come to your home or business so you don’t need a loaner.

  • What is the advantage of your service?
    You are getting the same factory service without all the overhead costs.

  • Do you accept credit cards?
Certified Master Technician  :  Mobile Repair Service  :  Specializing in Mercedes Benz & BMW  :  Over 20 Years of Experience
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